The subject of “artificial diamonds” triggers extreme emotions among people like him.

You can’t just calmly sit around and watch how the world created on the foundations of authenticity, perfection and absolute beauty is being contaminated by falsehood and mediocrity. Is it just a tiny scratch on a flawless industry or a herald of dangerous changes? Marcin Marcok, owner of MART DIAMONDS, talks about the value of rarities in times of chain stores.


I think we should start with determining the name of the discussed product. I admit that the term “artificial diamond” doesn’t sound very nobly.

I’m thinking the same thing. If several decades ago my industry colleges had registered diamond as a trade mark, no artificial stone could be called the same way, and we wouldn’t have a problem now. But things are different and, no matter what words we use, it will always be just an artificial substitute for the natural stone.

Sztuczne diamenty wywiad Marcin Marcok

So everything starts with good marketing, doesn’t it?

Indeed, especially when a product needs such promotion. Without the word “diamond” the product would be doomed to failure, as probably nobody would be interested in it. The attempt to build something new on such a perfect “brand” as a diamond is simply the easiest way. And now it makes sense – both the name and the product itself are the short cut to the industry built on uniqueness and perfection, which fortunately cannot be forged.

On the one hand we talk about absolutely unique gems, and on the other hand we may soon see some “diamond chain stores”.

I don’t believe these two worlds could ever come together. Owners of diamonds are characterised by a high awareness that they have something extraordinary, unique and very precious. Beauty is something unique, something that boldly stands out from the rest and fascinates with its distinctness. Beauty is not repetitive and is not manufactured in bulk. The way the owners of diamonds feel each time they look at them. You can try copying and imitating everything, but it will never be the original. Copies of paintings, knockoffs of luxury watches or handbags are just worthless things that are unable to arouse emotions.

However, diamond-like products are also starting to appear in Poland. Isn’t the announcement of the end of natural diamond mining era the perfect moment for an attempt to win the market?

This is a serious challenge for the industry, but it certainly doesn’t foreshadow a crisis, and the producers of fauxs shouldn’t expect a red carpet welcome from the market. In the upcoming decades, the exchange prices of natural diamonds will shoot up, and the value of gemstones in the hands of private owners will increase considerably. The average annual increase in prices of the most rare pink diamonds is about 12%. This shows that the position of unique stones is undisputed and should only strengthen. Shutting down the mines is yet another reason to ponder as to what a truly magnificent work of nature a diamond really is. In my opinion, there is no place for artificiality in the world of diamonds, as this would be a contradiction of everything which the industry has been devoted to for the past decades.


Very few can afford to buy natural diamonds, and the prices of artificial alternatives are incomparable.

Of course it has to be cheaper, as it’s just a pale imitation of the original. When buying a natural diamond, we are investing in a unique object, something without a counterpart, as you won’t ever find two identical diamonds. Synthetic stones are nothing more than just products from a mould, produced en mass, the value of which will never increase. This will never be a stone passed from generation to generation as a form of financial safeguard for the future.

So synthetic diamonds can’t be treated as a form of investment for years, can they?

No, they can’t – because authenticity is the decisive factor for a stone’s value. It’s the code word – if something isn’t a unique work of nature but just a mere fraction of mass production, than there are no grounds for its value to increase. It should be remembered that in time technology will become less and less expensive, thus making the product more common. Natural diamonds are exclusive and elite. If someone can’t afford them, they can choose from a wide range of other fantastic stones – precious and naturally beautiful. The choice of a faux will always be a bad choice.

It’s said that the synthetic diamond will be the stone of Millenials – maybe common but sourced in a way that doesn’t interfere with nature. You must admit that the pro-ecological point is frequently stated.

Mines are subject to strict restrictions nowadays, and after closing down each place is brought to a state that is as close as possible to the original one.
Moreover, I doubt that young people, who are well aware of environmental threats, could believe that any production doesn’t have negative impact on the environment. Work in mines doesn’t involve using chemical agents, as is the case of laboratory production, where high-pressure machines are used, and many physical and chemical processes take place, generating huge quantities of waste and chemicals. The enormous consumption of electricity should also be taken into account. I don’t think that environmental impact of energy consumption has to be explained.

Chemical processes, high-pressure machines… and what about the dreams of the most precious solitaire diamond? What about romanticism? Don’t people need it anymore?

Of course they do! This is the factor that keeps me confident about the future of our industry because you can’t forge emotions or love behind diamonds. Knowing that you deserve something special that waited for you for several billion years is a terrific feeling, and the moment during which you hold your diamond for the first time is truly exceptional. There are special moments in everyone’s lives that will be always remembered. They are filled with the purest intentions, dedication and truth. I just can’t imagine that Harry could propose to Meghan with a fake diamond. Some values are simply undeniable.

And how do your clients react when you hand over diamonds to them?

It’s always a remarkable and very genuine moment, the end of the path that we have taken together in order to find the most fitting stone. Through all the years of my work with clients I have never met a person who wouldn’t be excited and moved by this moment, and who wouldn’t enjoy it. Each new stone in the collection stirs emotions as strong as the first one. It’s equally special, unique and perfect. The most remarkable feature of natural diamonds is the fact that their beauty will never fade. The material value of a stone gives you peace of mind and helps to secure the future, while its glamour and beauty always make your heart beat faster. A diamond is a perfect balance. Heart and mind as unity. Feelings and nature cannot be forged.