For more than 40 years, the Rapaport has been one of the most important tools for every diamond broker.

It is a price list for the wholesale of cut diamonds and it is on the basis of this data that the trade on exchanges and in the main diamond centers around the world is conducted. It is assumed that a purchase at prices similar to those in the Rapaport is a successful purchase. This document is therefore not only the basis for valuations for sellers, but also a source of valuable and important information for investors. Each Mart Diamonds offer includes an appendix in the form of an extract from the latest price list.


The first Rapaport price list was published in 1978 by New York’s diamond broker Martin Rapaport. The Rapaport Diamond Report, abbreviated as RDR, is a comparison of wholesale prices of diamonds presented in a tabular system and constituting a reference for transaction prices concluded between diamond brokers. Over the years, the system has grown, gathering information from a greater number of centers. Today, the prices published in the report are the values based on data from almost every segment of the diamond market. There is no doubt, therefore, that the Rapaport is a real reflection of cut diamond prices in the wholesale trade and is the only document recognized by the industry around the world.

The Rapaport constitutes the basis for worldwide diamond valuations
BENEFIT FOR CUSTOMERS: regardless of the place of purchase, the prices of stones of a similar quality and size should be similar.

Cennik Rapaport określa średnie ceny transakcyjne, oddzielnie dla brylantów, oddzielnie dla diamentów o innych rodzajach szlifu.

Every week, the largest diamond trading companies provide RDR with their current price reports. After analyzing them, the Rapaport determines the average transaction prices, broken down into brilliants and diamonds with other cut types. The price list is published every Friday based on data provided by brokers on Thursday. Prices are always quoted in US dollars—the currency in which the entire diamond industry clears transactions.

The Rapaport is published every week
BENEFIT FOR CUSTOMERS: valuations are always up to date and sellers react to fluctuations on an ongoing basis by adjusting prices to existing market conditions

The Rapaport is paid, just like access to the entire system. However, due to the fact that it is the main tool of every broker’s work, this fact cannot be a basis for refusing to provide the customer with a comparison of the presented offer with the RDR. Therefore, when receiving an offer, one should expect its support in the price list, together with information on the publication date of the Rapaport referred to by the seller. It is worth receiving such an offer in writing.

The Rapaport is attached to each transaction we offer
BENEFIT FOR MART DIAMONDS CUSTOMERS: we make sure that our valuations are based on real diamond prices on international wholesale markets

Martin Rapaport założyciel i pomysłodawca Rapaport Diamond Report.

The prices given in the RDR are quite detailed, which allows sellers to make an accurate valuation of virtually every diamond. The price is based on parameters that are the basis of the 4C rule, i.e. carat, clarity, cut and color.

The Rapaport allows us to price virtually every stone
BENEFIT FOR MART DIAMONDS CUSTOMERS: when buying a diamond from a seller “certifying” the valuation with a Rapaport, the risk of a bad investment falls practically to zero